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Enjoy Healthy Meals to go with your detox juices. Eating healthy can be fun and yummy!

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2 days detox
5 days meals
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We use pesticide-free vegetables, which will feed our body with the essential micronutrients it needs, in its most natural state – no chemicals.

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Our juices are prepared at the minute you place an order. This means you are getting it fresh.

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Detox and veggie juices are so yummy your kids can’t tell they are drinking veggies. Our recipe is one of our best selling points.

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Enjoy healthy meals to go with your detox juices. Eating healthy outside is not a challenge anymore!


Though we always say “listen to your body” when deciding if you need to detox or when to do the next cycle of detox, it is still interesting to see it based on symptoms that your body manifests.

DetoxifyBar and its affiliates do not allude to medical benefits. If symptoms still persist after repetitive detox, please consult a doctor.

Interested to know how toxic you are? Click the button below.


What are toxins?

Toxins are harmful substances that pollute and irritate our body. They are in the food we eat, the medicines we take and even in the air we breathe. Toxin build-up is likely to affect your body’s key functions such as digestion and circulation.

What is a detox?

Detox, also known as cleanse, is the act of fasting or abstaining from your regular diet and relying on supplying your body with micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables such as the juices and meals sold by DetoxifyBar. Detox flushes out bodily toxins and gives it a reboot.

Why should I detox?

Most of us sacrifice eating healthy meals for the quicker, more convenient calorie and toxin loaded fast food or instant meals. People need to take control of their body and give themselves a break from processed food. We need to start cleansing our body to flush out the harmful toxins from eating too much unhealthy food.

Is it safe to drink?

Yes, absolutely! Not only is it safe, but it is highly beneficial. Our vegan juices are made from organic veggies, and we do not add any preservatives. It’s safe to drink even for toddlers!

What is the right detox juice for me?

Please visit each juice item from the main menu of this site to find out which target drinker we have in mind for every juice concoction we have.
All detox juices of DetoxifyBar are good for everyone if taken on top of your regular diet, as a micronutrient supplement.

How many days should I detox?

If it is your first time to go on detox, we recommend 3-5 days detox. To harvest more benefits of detox, we usually recommend number of days that you can tolerate.

What is a Full-Detox and a Soft-Detox?

A full detox is a complete juice fast wherein you forego consuming solid food. Each
day you replace your breakfast, am snack, lunch, pm snack and dinner with a bottle
of organic vegan juice.
A soft-detox is similar to a full detox (you still consume the 5 juices as with a fulldetox)
but you can consume light snacks throughout the day such as fresh fruits,
salad with light dressing and clear soup.

Is detoxing safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Pregnant and lactating moms can get great benefits from detoxing because at this crucial time when it is important to nutrify, detoxing delivers a megadose of vitamins and micronutrients in liquid form, so it’s absorbed more efficiently than tablet-form supplements. Plus, our Green Vegan Detox and Orange Vegan Detox juices are rich in iron and folate! We don’t however, recommend a full detox for pregnant women, we instead encourage a soft-detox.

The Activated Charcoal Ultra Detox is highly beneficial to pregnant women because aside from cleansing and purifying your body from toxins, mold and heavy metals, it helps with morning sickness during the first trimester and alleviates the side effects of hormonal changes, elevating your mood throughout your pregnancy.

What is the difference of a REGULAR DETOX, an ULTRA DETOX and detoxing with Activated Charcoal Ultra Detox?

  1. The regular detox is done through juice-fasting or foregoing solid food for a period of time to give our organs time to catch-up and recuperate of self-heal.
    During a juice cleanse our digestive tract is at minimal operation and the liver and kidneys are given a vacation from having to process food. The organic vegan juices in the detox provides your body needed nourishment to propel the cleansing of your system as well as reintroducing megadoses of vitamins and micronutrients while your body is detoxing.
  2. The Ultra Detox is any of the regular detox packages superboosted when we replace the last bottle of vegan juice for each day with a bottle of Activated Charcoal Ultra Detox juice. Since the AC Detox juice is a detoxifying agent in itself, it transforms your regular detox into a super cleanse.
  3. Purely AC Detoxing is when you take two bottles of AC Detox a day for 7 Days on top of your meals without having to undergo fasting. This method is extra strength detoxing but without the good side-effect of weight-loss.


Post Detox
Post Detox

The After Cleanse Your New, Healthier Life, Post-Detox Congratulations! You’ve successfully undergone a detox. Your body…

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Detox 101


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